Cast and Factions


  • Barreau boys – A group of mostly teen orphan boys and the elders who serve as their leaders. They hail from Barreau Orphanage, a dilapidated building in the condemned Mendrés District in the old downtown sector of the capital city of Cavarice. Quick-witted and resourceful, they are used to a life of hardship and will do whatever it takes to survive.
  • The Dispatchers – The resident police force of Cavarice, though they also serve as a ghost-hunting force; in this case, ghosts are described scientifically as anomalies which cause various disturbances to the stability of Viktorium itself, thus threatening the very fabric of their world. They employ various methods of drawing out these anomalies in order to “dispatch” them to a different frequency of reality (hence their name) where the anomalies will not cause any harm. The Dispatchers can frequently be seen rushing about the city on missions. They travel in squads of three.
  • The Outlanders – Made up largely of street orphans thrown out of their group homes following the Workers’ Rebellion and government coup in 1915, they rose to become the most fearsome gang in all of Cavarice until they were exiled by the Dispatchers under the command of General Pontius (now retired, though serves annual duty as District Commander). They survive in an abandoned desert villa just outside the city walls and are rumored to engage in cannibalism.
  • The Dalishkova Knights – An alleged mafia organization who owns various front companies within the city and is rumored to be funding the many corrupt politicians still holding office in Cavarice after the exile of Charles DuPont. Not much is known about them; they are a very secretive sect of fathers and sons shrouded in mysticism, thought to possess psychic abilities which science cannot explain.
  • The Machine Men – A feared group of humanoid robots who patrol Tesla’s junkyard just outside the city. Not much is known about them to the general public. Some believe they are Tesla’s private security system. Others believe that they were once human guinea pigs who fell victim to his scientific experiments. Nevertheless, they are most feared due to their inhuman strength, violent temperaments, and the ability to project full-body holograms which make them indistinguishable from humans, and thus more difficult to detect. Every now and then, one is caught sneaking into the city and the Dispatchers are called to send them back.



  • Max Ferrier – A sixteen year-old elder from Barreau Orphanage with strong leadership qualities and a compassionate heart. Unlike many others in Viktorium, he cannot recall the event of his death, and this troubles him. He feels there is something horribly amiss going on in the city of Cavarice and grows ever more determined to figure it out. Short in stature, long brown hair and dark eyes. When he’s quiet, his expression is often thoughtful as if asking a question.
  • Lucien Riviere – A nineteen year-old elder from Barreau, and Max’s trusted friend. A conniving, egotistical, patronizing fellow otherwise who feels as if the whole world owes him respect due to his lineage. He and Max head the orphanage together, though it soon becomes apparent that he is in charge of so much more. Taller, somewhat lanky appearance and pretty, boyish face. Short, curly blond hair and bright blue eyes. Often sporting a self-assured smirk.
  • Bernard – A sixteen year-old Afro-French boy who serves as a secondary elder at Barreau Orphanage when Max or Lucien aren’t around. He’s always on his guard and ready to take charge whenever the situation calls for it. He’s especially good at diplomacy and often advises Max if certain moves with the Outlanders would be tactically unsound. Max doesn’t always take his advice, but still considers it. The two are best friends. Bernard’s complexion is a deep caramel tone. His hair is close-cropped and he has large, dark eyes and a faint mustache. A handsome face, more manly than boyish; he looks at least a couple years older than his age. Lean-muscled build.
  • Edmond Fache – A Dispatcher, eighteen years of age, second lieutenant rank. He frequently accepts bribes along with many of the other Dispatchers, as the salary is far from what it once was. He faces a lot of pressure from the higher-ups at work and grows determined to do his best. He tries desperately hard to convince himself he’s not a pushover, and so during official duties, his temper often gets the better of him.
  • Igor – The feared leader of The Outlanders gang. Though he is only thirteen and small in stature, he commands a level of respect that wouldn’t come easy even for a boy twice his size. He enjoys intimidating his victims through humiliation to the extreme, and torture is like a child’s game to him. Still, beneath his tough, dirty exterior, he hides a dark past full of deeply traumatic experiences and abuse. Igor has shaved blond hair and bright blue eyes. Very short and skinny as if approaching starvation, wears baggy, tattered clothes. He has a dark, golden complexion from being in the sun all day. Dry, dirt-smudged skin.
  • Quentin Vaugrenard – One of the orphan boys from Barreau who also serves as a mediator between them and the Outlanders gang. He is fourteen and works best as their bait boy during various operations, though also aids in the trading of equipment and stolen tech wares. He appears tough, though can also be quite timid at certain moments. Lucien mistakenly believes he has control of him.
  • Cécile La Cour – The seventeen year-old daughter of Mayor Nicolas, she works a desk job at the Office of Immigration Affairs, processing entry, travel, and citizenship documents for immigrants and new arrivals to Cavarice. She’s a good friend of Max and Lucien, and often aids in forging documents for the placement of children in Barreau Orphanage if they’re in danger of being caught by the Dispatchers. A very confident girl, there are times when she can be a bit too confident for her own good.  She has long, curled blonde hair and green eyes. Wears custom-tailored flapper dresses that show off her figure in all the right places. Loves to feel sexy, though it isn’t the boys who have her eye.
  • Marceau – A young woman of twenty-one, Marceau is one of the most mysterious characters in all of Cavarice, though she is not so much a mystery to her closeted girlfriend Cécile, with whom she has a strained and complicated relationship. Otherwise, she is a master inventor and engineer with a brilliant mind and constructs her own equipment. Her level of technological innovation  alone could surpass that of Nikola Tesla–not that he can ever find out, since she’s stolen countless parts from his lab. Marceau lives alone in an abandoned bunker just outside the city walls close to the junkyard, where she constantly dodges the Machine Men and braves sandstorms to collect spare parts. What she builds in her lab is anybody’s guess, though she always seems to be in a hurry, as if she’s running out of time. She has a somewhat masculine, bossy personality and could make a great leader if she wasn’t such a loner.
  • Nicolas La Cour –  Sixty years old, the mayor of Cavarice, and father to Cécile. He is also somewhat of a friend and mentor to Max, always encouraging him to attend school or aspire to greater things than looking after the orphans. While he does his best to improve the quality of life for all citizens in Cavarice, he is not the strongest leader. In addition, his hands are largely tied due to corporate interests, binding agreements, policies, and other red tape which make it nearly impossible to enact the changes he wishes to make. He is forced into the position of being little more than a figurehead during his term. When he’s not yelling about being taken advantage of or relishing over his annual welcome gala for new arrivals, he often appears timid and exhausted. He’s overweight  with grey hair, sunken brown eyes, and a mustache.  He typically wears white suits with a pocket watch, and the collar is almost always too tight for his neck. He wears black or grey top hats.
  • Constance Renou – The director of Viktorium-France Transit, she is one of the most powerful CEOs in all of Cavarice. Cutthroat and determined, she is a very career-oriented woman who rarely fails to get what she wants. As a former model and actress, she began touring the French countryside in 1906 with Charles DuPont to help promote Viktorium as a tourist attraction. The two had previously met in 1900 at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. Little is known of her early life before that point, or the nature of her relationship with DuPont.  Following Charles’ exile in 1915 after the Workers’ Rebellion, she was granted immunity from indictment following a sealed statement of confession and was able to retain her business and title. She is forty years old and typically wears green skirts with a matching suit jacket. She has blonde hair cut short into a bob, styled with finger waves. Her eyes are pale blue.
  • Charles DuPont – As former president and first ruler of Viktorium, Charles is almost universally hated by all of Cavarice, barring a select few. Although credited with the discovery of the alternate dimension and its subsequent population boom, it didn’t take long for the populace to lose faith in his ability to govern. The man was a reckless egotistical narcissist, frivolous with spending, and far too liberal for anyone to tolerate as a politician–even among those in the Radical Party who had previously vouched for him. He envisioned a utopia, and when the people realized that utopia was far too good to be true, he was exiled by the Dispatchers. Back on Earth, he left behind two children–Christophe and Vitalie DuPont. It is unknown if they have any idea who their father is or what he built. Nonetheless, Cavarice would brand them as enemies of the state and immediately call for their imprisonment if they should ever arrive. When Charles DuPont was last seen, he appeared quite sad and dejected. He was approximately fifty years of age with greying hair. He had golden brown eyes and a slight muscular build.