Travel poster

welcome gala

An invitation to Mayor La Cour’s annual Welcome Gala for new arrivals, switched to Verdevale Province Airfield following citywide riots after a terrible incident two weeks prior.










New Year’s celebration poster from Cavarice, 1912.

Dispatchers recruiting poster

Viktorium brand menthol cigarettes

Viktorium issue of The Delineator, a popular American women’s magazine which originally ran from 1879-1937 and included such things as fashion, home decor, and short fiction. In Viktorium, it also publishes news articles, personal stories, and other topics of interest.

A DuPont Steamworks banner from late 1900 promoting Viktorium as a travel destination via the Victoria I machine, the first attempt to bring living souls to the other side. It was a horrible failure which later became known as the First Crossover, or the 501 Incident.